We are FPGA engineers located in Enschede, The Netherlands.
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Breaking chain min feb3e29f Solving custom operations in KnownNat constraints

In my previous post I discussed a solver plugin for KnownNat constraints, and with regards to user-defined type-level operations, I said:

i.e. it cannot solve constraints involving subtraction ...

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Code3 c14b408f Solving GHCs KnownNat constraints

If you have ever worked with GHC.TypeLits then you have probably encountered an error that is very similar to:

Test.hs:9:7: error:
    • Could not deduce (KnownNat (n + 2))
        arising from a use...
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Fpga 2 400x400 orange 6fac7130 CλaSH FPGA Starter

This version of the tutorial is outdated, please follow the new version.

In this tutorial we'll be programming the Terasic DE0-Nano FPGA development board using the functional hardware description...

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    FPGA engineers

    We apply FPGA technology in domains with difficult mathematical problems, where solutions need low latencies and high performance.

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    Creators of CλaSH

    We have developed CλaSH, a functional hardware description language, providing unprecedented abstraction mechanisms for FPGA design.

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    Experienced educators

    Our workshops and training are based on 30+ years of experience in teaching students at bachelor, master, and phd level.