We are FPGA engineers located in Enschede, The Netherlands.
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The CλaSH compiler is an open-source project with an active and helpful community, and has community resources such as blog posts on how to use CλaSH. There might however be situations where you want a more direct form of support. Such situations might include:

  • You want phone support for the CλaSH compiler.
  • You need an active developer to fix a certain bug in the CλaSH compiler. Or you need a developer to fix a bug that only shows up in code available under an NDA.
  • You require a new feature to be added to the CλaSH compiler, or require a custom version of the CλaSH compiler. The latter can occur when there is no community consensus about a particular (disruptive) change.
  • You quickly need to knows things like: ¨What is the best way to do this in CλaSH?¨, or ¨How do I generalize this CλaSH code?¨

As the creators of CλaSH, QBayLogic can provide expert help in situations as described above, and many other situations. Contact us if you need our help using CλaSH.

We are an FPGA engineering firm located in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Our team has a strong affinity for both mathematics and embedded systems, which allows us to quickly achieve a deep understanding of difficult algorithm and find suitable implementations.

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FPGA engineers

We apply FPGA technology in domains with difficult mathematical problems, where solutions need low latencies and high performance.

Creators of CλaSH

We have developed CλaSH, a functional hardware description language, providing unprecedented abstraction mechanisms for FPGA design.

Experienced educators

Our workshops and training are based on 30+ years of experience on teaching students at bachelor, master, and phd level.