We are FPGA engineers located in Enschede, The Netherlands.
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FPGA design

QBayLogic provides FPGA design services for your outsourcing needs. We provide:

  • HDL programming (using CλaSH)
  • IP core design
  • Design modification

Although QBayLogic can handle all aspects of FPGA design, from data-oriented circuits to control-oriented circuits, we focus in particular on mapping tough mathematical algorithms to FPGAs. QBayLogic is exceptionally qualified to do this for two reasons:

  • Our team has a strong affinity with mathematics.
  • Our technology, the CλaSH compiler, allows us to basically write "mathematical specifications in typewriter font", and formally derive an FPGA implementation that meets the performance criteria in a correct-by-construction manner.

Our CλaSH compiler significantly improves our productivity, allowing us to create designs in much shorter design cycles, resulting in:

  • Much shorter time-to-market for your product.
  • Highly competitive prices for our design services.

Get in touch with us to talk about your next FPGA product.

Application acceleration

FPGAs are an uncommon platform for acceleration of applications, due to the programming difficulties associated with the traditional hardware description languages for the FPGA platform: VHDL and/or Verilog.

Depending on the application, however, FPGAs can be are a very interesting platform for acceleration:

  • Complex data movements are translated to rearrangements of wire endpoints, instead of copying memory. For example, the transposition of a matrix is a completely free operation on an FPGA.
  • Operators can have a custom precision to meet the exact error rates for the application.
  • FPGAs are very low-power devices, meaning that they can be used in environments where large cooling solutions are impractical, or, they can be tightly packed together in standard server environments.
  • FPGAs can directly connect to high-speed peripherals, such as 10GBit ethernet ports, providing unprecedented low latency networked computing.

Using our CλaSH compiler, instead of the traditional VHDL or Verilog languages, programming FPGA devices becomes significantly easier. In combination with our team's strong affinity for mathematics, QBayLogic can straightforwardly accellerate your complex algorithms on FPGAs.

Get in touch with us to talk about how to accelerate your application on FPGAs.

We are an FPGA engineering firm located in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Our team has a strong affinity for both mathematics and embedded systems, which allows us to quickly achieve a deep understanding of difficult algorithm and find suitable implementations.

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FPGA engineers

We apply FPGA technology in domains with difficult mathematical problems, where solutions need low latencies and high performance.

Creators of CλaSH

We have developed CλaSH, a functional hardware description language, providing unprecedented abstraction mechanisms for FPGA design.

Experienced educators

Our workshops and training are based on 30+ years of experience on teaching students at bachelor, master, and phd level.